Want to experience the lifestyle of chefs and foodies in global snow resorts and mountain towns?

Scouring the world for snow obsessed Chefs and Foodies, the SnowChef crew visit global snow resorts to seek out passionates, eccentrics and extroverts alike.

Getting deep in the powder, SnowChef seeks out the most authentic, regional cuisine and encounters the people who create such culinary delights.

meet our snowchefs

frederic pierrel

The Brasserie at The Mammoth Rock n Bowl.

willian canny

Chez Dany, Verbier


Levy Restaurants, Mammoth Resorts - Senior Executive Chef

Elise Tiffany

Currently on a break after running The Feel Good Café.

Snowchef trips around the globe

Welcome to Verbier

Justin Doyle

We had touched the surface yet been in Verbier's belly, we had seen the vista's, been privy to a glorious sunset, heard the voices of angels, tasted the cheese of Fondue, the meats of Raclette, wet our feet in some slushy snow, sang songs with gusto, danced in bars and clubs, had many food and snow obsessed conversations.

The Lure of Shasta

Justin Doyle

Our Parners & friends

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