Billy Deaver

  • born (location)

    Maryland, USA


    Levy Restaurants, Mammoth Resorts - Senior Executive Chef

HISTORY: (Little bit of background)

My culinary journey began at an early age, as I grew up working on my family’s farm in Maryland cultivating both table vegetables and large crops, as well as tending to some of the animals which we raised, butchered, cured and smoked.

It was not until years later however, that the realization I had found my career and passion. This occurred while attending culinary school in South Carolina and working under Certified Master Chef Detlev Martitsch Kreiner.

After graduating at the top of my class, I moved north to Hamilton Township, New Jersey to work with Chef Eric Martin at Rats Restaurant, followed by training in some of New York City's top kitchens, Picholine, Le Madri and Daniel.

I have since traveled the USA in pursuit of culinary knowledge, with professional stops including New York City, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Lake Tahoe, Park City, Palm Springs, San Diego and Mammoth Lakes.

Did you always want to be a Chef?

No, not particularly, the passion emerged at culinary school.

What’s your earliest recollection of food?

We were surrounded by food on my family’s farm, so I couldn’t help but be aware of its existence. My family still have the 380 acre working farm where I engaged in raising, butchering and smoking our pigs, chickens and cows.

Food was a way of life, encompassing cultivating, prepping, canning and earning income. We always started cooking 2-3 days ahead of our holiday, as being a big family, we would have 60+ in attendance.

Did anyone influence your career?

I was influenced by my Great Grandparents and Grandparents. My great grandfather was a Lebanese immigrant and was a chef who had a few restaurants in the Washington DC. He was also personal chef to General Pershing during World War I.

Are you habitually obsessive about anything in particular?

Cleanliness and organization. We cannot be great if we are always off kilter.
Our mantra is “Kaizen”

Produce, it’s the new “star” of the plate

Billy Deaver

What do you love about this industry?

It’s always changing, and it brings people together

A specific ingredient you can’t be without?

Produce, it’s the new “star” of the plate

Do you have a signature dish?

Maryland Crab Cakes, of course!

What is your favourite mountain lifestyle activity?

Snowboarding with my family and friends

SnowChef vs City-Chef, who wins and why?

Tough one, each are great in their own element if you flip them that would be interesting.   
No tweezers in the mountains and no campfire in the city! 
Maybe the next chapter for Snowchef?

Are you snow obsessed? Why?

I did not grow up in this environment so it all is still so new to me 17 years later. The challenge of just getting out of your driveway in the morning gets the blood pumping

Are you food obsessed? Why?

You are what you eat!

It is more than substance, it is a way of life.

I grew up on a farm so the lifestyle and importance of growing and eating wholesome organic/NON-GMO food is paramount to a healthy, happy, less doctor visit, life!

Where is your snow resort or region?

Squaw and Northstar in California.
Snowbird in Utah.
Steamboat in Colorado

If you could go on one all-inclusive paid vacation to another ski resort anywhere in the where would you select & why?

LAXX in Switzerland, good people and they seem to just do it right.

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