snowchef profiles

Culinary delights in global snow resorts


Maryland, USA


Nashville, Tennnessee


Alsace, region of France


Northern California - Bay Area

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The Lure of Shasta

(Not the soft drink or the lake…But Rather the Mountain!)

After a long winter of fluffy arching turns made easy by riding chairlifts in Tahoe, it was time to go EARN some turns and pay homage to the Mother of all California peaks…Mt. Shasta!

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Welcome to Verbier

Part of the SnowChef crew had arrived in Verbier, late afternoon on a splendid sun-soaked Friday. Our contact in the town was a veteran of the Verbier hospitality scene, a guy by the name of Laurent Royer, who we were told went by the nickname ‘Late’, however it was pronounced ‘Latte’, as in a fine tasting espresso and steamed milk, finished off with a love-heart, leaf or maybe even a dragon, yeah pretty sure you catch the drift.

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