Frederic Pierrel

  • born (location)

    Alsace region of France

    The Brasserie at The Mammoth Rock n Bowl.


Chef Frederic Pierrel was classically trained in Gerardmer, France and graduated with honors from Lycée Hôtelier et Culinairer. He has travelled to and played in the kitchens with many chefs and worked in 3 countries, acquiring local tastes and learning traditions along the way.

Frederic ventured to the USA to open L'Auberge of La Jolla. After several successful years in La Jolla, the opportunity presented itself for Chef to move to Mammoth Lakes, CA to re-create the Lakefront Restaurant. Chef Frederic spent more than 17 years at The Lakefront. In this time he grew, improved and solidified an internationally known name for the restaurant and himself.

In recent times, Chef Frederic has moved on and created The Brasserie at The Mammoth Rock n Bowl. Located upstairs, the venue is an intimate atmosphere welcoming everyone to a stellar view and true to his talents, an exquisite dining experience.

Did you always want to be a Chef?

Yes. From going to the local markets with my father and mushroom hunting, it was my passion to see how flavours changed and interacted from foraging to the table. It was when I was about 12 that I started cooking in my home, as my mother has many talents, and some great dishes, but cuisine was not her forte’.

How would you describe your style?

Classically French trained with a flair for blending regional and global influences. 

I like to deliver what pleases my guests. I attempt to meld my culinary knowledge with ever-learning new techniques and the global flavours from regions I am lucky enough to travel to and try.

From where do you acquire your inspiration?

I believe inspiration is innate, in the moment and comes from an open mind and palate. Perhaps a bite of a perfectly ripened fruit, or something I come across in the market which would be a great nuance for the foods I have ready to prepare that evening.


What do you love about this industry?

Everything! I love the social interactions as well as the creating. Just ask my wife… she is a great cook herself, but I cook at home, with friends, practice for the restaurant and taste and pair food and wine daily. I love what I do! Food will always be a necessity – I love making it fun and delicious! A smile on someone’s face, knowing they enjoyed my meal is my reward.

there is nothing better than a lively pairing of friends and family at a meal and feeling satisfied and gratified - with both.

Frederic Pierrel

A specific ingredient you can’t be without?


Do you have a signature dish?

This is a tough answer. Professionally, I have been most written about for my Elk medallions, wild blueberry tart, mushroom strudel and my preparation of fresh fish with unique sauces like my savoury Tahitian vanilla bean or uni, for example. My menu and repertoire changes by season and other of life’s factors.

At home, I can often create with a Asian inspired flavours.

Greatest challenge for Chef at high altitude?

Getting Product! Accessible flavours and foods are rare. It is not only high altitude, but also a remote location and limited growing seasons here. Thank goodness for relationships where I can have many items flown in for me – like my fresh seafood.

What is it that drew you to this snow resort/region?

It was an opportunity at first, my patrons from my 1st US restaurant:”L’auberge of La Jolla” (now very good friends) then owned the Lakefront in Mammoth Lakes. They approached me to “transition” it and asked me to come and be the chef. I did – the rest is history. I grew up in Alsace and skiing was another passion – so that helped. I can also ride my dirt bike here in the summers, it is a great region.

Are you food obsessed? Why?

I would have to say no, I am not obsessed with food. I love playing and creating in it and with it. I love the social and nourishing aspects of it. I find it challenging yet organically easy. I love to pair wines and seek new tastes. But there is nothing better than a lively pairing of friends and family at a meal and feeling satisfied and gratified - with both.  

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