Elise Tiffany

  • born (location)

    Northern California - Bay Area


    Currently on a break after running The Feel Good Café.
    Looking forward to my next project, keep your ears to the ground.

HISTORY: (Little bit of background)

In the Tahoe region, I was lucky to work under Albert Marty, former owner of Swiss Lakewood and Gino Dugan, former Chef at Captain Jon’s and Le petite Pier.

I have owned two restaurants and a catering company, Che Elise Bistro, The Feel Good Café and Chez Elise Catering. I have also worked a private Chef for discreet clients.

Did you always want to be a Chef?

Yes, from a young age its been a passion of mine.

What do you love about this industry?

The wonderful passionate people involved

Did anyone influence your career?

Influence came via my Mother, she was an excellent cook and she encouraged me to experiment and engage with food from a young age. By 11 years old I was catering parties and having a great time.

What’s your earliest recollection of food?

Cooking with my Mother

Enjoy life, Bon appétit - cook with love, it is the secret ingredient

Elise Tiffany

Do you have a signature dish?

Bar aux herbs en chamise (Sea Bass covered in stuffing and wrapped in lettuce, cooked on shallots with white wine and dry vermouth pan dripping, finished off with heavy cream)

A specific ingredient you can’t be without?

Sorry, cant stop at one. I love fresh ingredients such as onions, carrots, celery and garlic.
and fresh herbs, ginger, basil, cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper.
White and red wine is a must and I would have to say salt & pepper is very important.
Enjoy life, Bon appétit - cook with love, it is the secret ingredient

How would you describe your style?

My style is fusion, I love Californian, French, Thai - Asian cooking - but Italian and Mexican is so good.

I make fondue too, let's just say I love really good food and being creative and taking it to a whole different level.

What is your favourite mountain lifestyle activity?

I love skiing, nothing better. As an odd footnote, pop into a gift shop in Tahoe and you might find photo cards of me skiing.

What is it that drew you to this snow resort/region?

I grew up skiing around Tahoe and lived in Switzerland for a period of time.

Lake Tahoe is my little Switzerland.

I live in Plumas county now. I like it here because there is no traffic and no crowds, but still close enough to Tahoe.

Where is your favourite hangout in the snow resort or region?

Après Ski at Le Chamois, Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe region

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