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The SnowChef concept was conceived one evening, several years ago, while a crew of friends were engaged in Apres Ski after an epic day of powder skiing. Tales of the days best tracks, rides, carves and spills were soon superseded by conversation of how the good vibes continue day in, day out and into the night whenever one or a crew is either living the mountain town life, completing a ski season or having a holiday in a snow resort.

It soon became apparent that the good vibes are often brought about by the food, beverages and hospitality that is bestowed upon us when enjoying time in a mountain town or snow resort. What is often overlooked is the people behind the hospitality, being the Chef’s, Restaurateurs, Foodies, Barpersons, Barista’s and alike who battle high altitude issues to deliver an ever improving product.

Via varying mediums, SnowChef’s mission is to showcase the food, snow and mountain life stories of these individual’s who chase the winter year upon year around the globe, or perhaps come to a location for the winter and stayed for the summer, then ten years later are still there, or are the born and bred local.

The SnowChef crew is a collaborative collective of long time mountain life enthusiasts based in various parts of the world. An unconventional squad from different walks of life and industry, who all share a passion for food, snow, travel, culture and most of all stories that relate to these core items.

The Snowchef objective is to build a global community of food based individuals who live and breathe the mountain lifestyle and provide a medium where food and snow obsessed stories can be shared.

The SnowChef goal is to visit every country in the world that possesses a snow resort and through a reality documentary series, bring the viewer an exciting and culturally different story of the food based individuals that make the food and lifestyle scene tick.

So come with us on a journey into the world of the SnowChef, a food and lifestyle scene steeped in history, culture and evolvement in global mountain resorts and towns.

Our snowchef Crew

Justin Doyle

Founder Snowchef

Kevin McCormick

Snowchef Crew

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Are you a bonafide Chef, Cook, Foodie, Restaurateur etc balancing work and lifestyle in a mountain town or snow resort somewhere in this wonderful world? At SnowChef, we are obsessed with food and snow, so we’d love to hear from you. To be featured or engage in collaboration projects or even comments and suggestions, please contact us:

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